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Doug Wolfire, President

MadWolf Technologies LLC has been headed by Doug Wolfire as President, since its inception.

The executive team includes three other senior IT professionals who joined the firm over the years. All of them share the firm’s values and strongly subscribe to MadWolf’s vision of the web-enabled IT world powered by managed services delivered in a utility computing format.


MadWolf Technologies was founded in 1996 by Doug Wolfire as an application development company. MadWolf application development work evolved from creating stand-alone back office applications to building turn-key web-based platforms and web-enabling companies’ business processes and workflows. As MadWolf delivered an ever expanding range of development projects of increasing scale and complexity, the firm grew in size as well as in its ability to tackle complex business problems. 

MadWolf Technologies was created to provide unique, client focused IT services. We now offer the following integrated services: IT Network Support; IT Security and Data Integrity; Custom Application Development and Integration; and, Secure Cloud Hosting. 


One of the key components of MadWolf’s long-term success and dependability as a provider of managed services has been the firm’s ability to attract and retain high-quality personnel. MadWolf’s technical staff comes from a number of large IT organizations and have many years of industry experience. They were attracted to MadWolf by the quality of the firm’s offerings and MadWolf ‘s close and partnership-centric relationship with its clients. They stay as they relish in the challenge of continuing building the company and enjoy the firm’s egalitarian results-oriented culture which encourages and supports personal and professional growth of all the firm’s members.

MadWolf Technologies is located in the heart of Washington, DC, (Couple of blocks from the White House) location deemed the closest to a significant number of the firm’s clients. MadWolf also operates a 24/7 satellite campus in Ashburn, VA at its main hosting facility ensuring an immediate on-site response to any client support issues.

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MadWolf Technologies was founded in 1996 by Doug Wolfire as an application development company.


About Our Name MadWolf Company founders Deanna Madvin and Douglas Wolfire...


MadWolf partners with some of the top providers in the technical industry.


MadWolf Technologies is currently seeking motivated, skilled professionals to join our team.

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