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Adam Edwards

Senior Manager CW Operations

IT Support Lead and Coordination with over 5 years of IT support assistance and 9 years of IT experience. Proficient in Customer Service and Technical Support. Specializing in coordinating schedules of field technicians on a day to day basis while managing team goals and deadlines. Manage centralized database for client support. Lead member in department being the single point of contact for internal and external communications. Vendor support and application development. 


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How computers and cars are similar

A bunch of parts put together designed to do a certain task. Am I taking about cars or computers? Both actually. They are built to perform an intended purpose. Each have a set of requirements to function.

Some examples:

  • The motherboard is the Floorboard of the car. Holds everything together and everything mounts to it.
Learning for the sake of learning

Recently I wanted to upgrade my home pc. I work in the IT field but have no experience with computer hardware. I fit in the know enough to be dangerous category. I could get into something and make a change, what happens after that I am not sure? This is usually where our engineers come in and save the day. I wanted to do this all by myself.



Protect yourself against the new Adobe Flash zero-day exploit

Our researchers have discovered a new zero-day exploit in Adobe Flash used in malvertisement attacks. The exploit affects the most recent version of Adobe Flash, and is now identified as CVE-2015-0313. Our initial analysis suggests that this might have been executed through the use of the Angler Exploit Kit, due to similarities in obfuscation techniques and infection chains.