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Richard Tesmer

Director, Project Management Office & Operations

Mr. Tesmer has been involved in the consulting industry since 1995, and the IT industry since 1985.  As a technical consultant Mr. Tesmer is a forward thinking and versatile senior team member with extensive, hands-on Internet Technology experience combining a superior background in software systems development and project management with demonstrated cross-functional team leadership. 


Core competencies include project management (active member of PMI), on and off shore management, metrics management and change management.   Software development project management experience includes SharePoint, .NET, AP / AR, BPO, Merchant Services, GIS, ERP, Document Management Services, and Web CMS. 


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MadWolf Technologies is rebranding the Professional Services team to better focus the services offered by this team: Process Automation Consulting (PAC) Team.


The Tools We Use!

Hunting for those magic unicorns again?  You know the ones; the one that helps you magically improve your search engine positions in the search results!  Sorry, no unicorns here.  Just lots of hard work.  But that doesnt mean you can't find the right tools to make the job easier- we did.  Read on to hear about some of our favorite ones.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Every Minute Counts

Yes, the age old adage- every minute counts.  Whether it is a professional at the help desk, a senior network engineer, a web master, a software engineer, a designer or a project manager--- every member of our team devotes...




MadWolf Technologies is rebranding the Professional Services team to better focus the services offered by this team: Process Automation Consulting (PAC) Team.

PAC Verticals

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need a consulting partner who will own their business challenges, identify new opportunities and question the conventional. MadWolf’s Process Automation Consulting teams are redefining client solutions that create value for organizations across industries such as retail, consumer, telecom, insurance, financial, logistics, energy, utilities, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, telecommunications and construction.

What works in one industry may not work in another. That’s why we strive to know them all, inside and out. Our people are experienced, real-world professionals who provide practical perspectives and solutions. So you can avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and gain an edge.

New Zealand’s Naylor Love Construction has a great safety record—and it wants to keep it that way. That’s become more challenging as the company has become increasingly busy in recent years. More employees and more projects in more cities across the country all add to the potential for accidents.

Naylor Love tracks jobsite hazards to address them before they result in injury. As in most companies in its industry, it was too easy for busy construction workers to avoid filling out reporting forms that they had to obtain from a job office, bring to the hazard site to record the problem, then return to the office. Their failure to do so could increase the risk to co-workers—as well as the risk to Naylor Love and its clients, especially under new and more stringent government safety laws.

Read this Construction Case Study to see how the Nintex Workflow system helped Naylor Love and can help you in your business.

Transform Financial Services Processes with Workflows

Workflows makes it easy to automate common financial services processes so you can speed approvals, ensure compliance and manage accounts. Because you can quickly turn time-consuming, manual tasks into automated workflows, you’ll benefit from an immediate impact on productivity.

Workflows can solve some of the most common challenges faced by banks, credit unions and other financial servcies companies, including:

  • Complying with regulations
  • Collecting, managing and tracking account details
  • Accurate timing of expenses and routing approvals
  • Onboarding new customers or clients
  • Approving documents, requests and tasks

Financial services processes you can automate:

  • Bank account management
  • Loan approvals
  • ATM support
  • Branch operations
  • Governance and compliance
  • Legal documentation and processing
  • Pre-trade clearance

Download the Case Study for Financial Solutions Scenario.