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MadWolf Technologies offers

Secure Cloud Hosting

Significant reductions in business risk and dramatic cost savings

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confusing or expensive.

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MadWolf Integrated Service Offerings

IT Network Support Security and Data Integrity Process Automation Consulting Secure Cloud Hosting

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Mission Enabling Technology Services Delivered to the SMB, NGO and Gov Sectors

MadWolf Technologies was created in 1996 to provide unique, client focused IT services.  Our philosophy is founded on this simple principal: Excellent IT management empowers operational success.  Everything we do is based on the conviction that people are more productive when their technology is fast, secure and highly available.


  • IT Network Support

    IT Network Support is all about optimizing the integration of independent systems. MadWolf evaluates our engineers thoroughly, and hires only those network professionals with superior technical and communication skills. MadWolf’s help-desk wait times are short, and single-touch resolution rates are high.

  • Security & Data Integrity

    An IT infrastructure is a complex system; storing, sharing, updating and processing information critical to the operation of your organization. However, it’s also prone to failure, data loss or deliberate attacks from malicious entities – both external and internal. Staying current with patches and anti-virus software is simply not enough.

  • Process Automation Consulting

    The new focus of the Process Automation Consulting (PAC) Team will be to assist customers with interpreting and understanding their information flows and stores and how best to utilize that in their business operations.

  • Secure Cloud Hosting

    Whether Public or Private, a hosted environment managed and operated by MadWolf offers significant reductions in business risk and dramatic cost savings. In addition to our own SSAE-16 facility, MadWolf has partnered with the magic quadrant cloud leaders to deploy system resources around the world with a follow-the-sun support model..


MadWolf Technologies’ utility support models help businesses optimize communication, stakeholder collaboration, and decision-making. Managed IT Systems add value to businesses, while balancing demands on system security, access and budgets.

Thanks to our dedicated Teams, our projects are completed on budget, on time, and many times, ahead of schedule.