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Stay Productive When Working Remotely

At MadWolf Technologies, we think about people first. And we believe in the power of technology. With COVID-19, we know that many organizations are rapidly moving to remote working environments, often for the first time. And everyone is racing to maintain productivity at a time when not everyone is familiar with working remotely.

MadWolf Technologies uses and provides to its clients, an online training tool that has specialized content ready to help organizations transition to remote work. With the worldwide pandemic affecting all of us, MadWolf Technologies wants to help you and your teams maintain productivity by providing you completely FREE ACCESS TO THIS TRAINING TOOL (for 30 days).  With that free access over the coming days, we want to send your organization complimentary webinars, downloadable assets and other resources for you to share with your teams that will aide in working in this virtual environment.  Materials such as: 
  • Managing Risk by Enabling Remote Work
  • Using Microsoft Teams as your phone
  • Improving International and Asynchronous Collaboration
  • Working with a Global Team
  • Accessing and Sharing Files on the Go
  • And, a series of live events focused on strategies and tools for the remote worker. 
Save your spot for the “Stay Productive When Working Remotely” course by signing up for your free 30-day trial account.  No credit card needed.  No commitment past the 30 days.  This is our way of helping the worldwide community stay engaged and productive during this crisis.

Stay safe! And, please reach out for support. We are here to help. 

Doug Wolfire, President
MadWolf Technologies
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