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Office 365 Migration Solutions & Data Protection
Office 365 Migration Solutions & Data Protection
Santos Arellano

Office 365 Migration Solutions & Data Protection

Let MadWolf Technologies and Carbonite experts discuss with you the importance of Backing up Office 365, and how protecting endpoints can help limit vulnerabilities within your organization.
  1. Microsoft: What  protects and what you are responsible for
  2. Real-World scenarios that can affect your business
  3. Eliminate extra costs with a cloud-to-cloud solution
  4. Protect the entire user with Carbonite Endpoint 360
  5. Office 365 Periodic Table
  6. Azure Active Directory

Protect business data no matter where it lives
Data created on desktops, laptops and tablets is vulnerable to ransomware, human error, hardware failures, loss and theft. Carbonite Endpoint 360 protects against these common data loss scenarios, and includes backup for the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite.

With features like geo-tracking and remote wipe, Carbonite 360 provides all-around endpoint data protection. So you can take control of your critical busines data–no matter where it lives.

Anywhere there’s data, there’s a risk of data loss
  1. Accidental deletions and overwrites
  2. Laptop loss and theft
  3. Ransomware or other malware infection
  4. Inadvertent recycle bin purges
  5. Regional Office 365 cloud outages
  6. Data loss due to departing employee

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