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MadWolf Client Workshops

Let MadWolf Technologies Help You Revolutionize Your Business and Increase Operational Excellence

The MadWolf Technologies Project Management Office (PMO) Team will organize an interactive workshop where you and your team can learn from a variety of half-day workshops that will transform your business!  Whether you work in the business or in IT, are a Power User or a Developer, you will benefit from these workshops. From start to finish, we will walk you through the business improvement processes. MadWolf Technologies PMO team will provide hands-on training to help you get started automating your organization's processes. 

These ½ day workshops are perfect for you and your team.  Creating an engaging environment where everyone plays an active role.  This is certainly not your usual meeting around a meeting table.  Instead team members communicate, collaborate and learn as a team.  The outcomes include:

  • High level road map of the actions required to start your continuous improvement journey 
  • Insight into the tools & thinking that can be implemented within your business
  • Great team building session


What is Operational Excellence?   Operational Excellence is the execution of the business strategy more consistently and reliably than the competition. Operational Excellence is evidenced by results. Given two companies with the same strategy, the Operationally Excellent company will have lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues relative to its competitors, creating value for customers and shareholders. It may more simply be interpreted as "Execution Excellence".  Wikipedia


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Meet Richard Tesmer, Director - PMO

Mr. Tesmer leads the majority of the 1/2 day workshops personally, whether in person or virtually.  Depending on the topic, other members of his team may also lead the 1/2 day workshops.  

Richard Tesmer is currently the Director of the Project Management Office for MadWolf Technologies

Additionally, he serves in the dual role of the Director of Operations. 

Since joining MadWolf Technologies in the summer of 2010, he has led the creation of the PMO and its leadership goals and the creation of the MadWolf Center of Excellence bringing his decades of experience to MadWolf client's as they search for ways to increase Operational Excellence.

Mr. Tesmer has been involved in the consulting industry since 1995, and the IT industry since 1985.  As a technical consultant Mr. Tesmer is a forward thinking and versatile senior team member with extensive, hands-on technology experience combining a superior background in software systems development and project management with demonstrated cross-functional team leadership.  Mr. Tesmer's core competencies include project management (active member of PMI), on and off shore management, metrics management and change management. 

Mr. Tesmer and the PMO team are frequent contributors to the light hearted, yet serious, website Dr. SharePoint (owned and operated by MadWolf Technologies).

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