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MadWolf Technologies MSP provider, in partnership with Huntress
Santos Arellano


Advanced threat detection for small and mid-market organizations.

MadWolf Technologies in partnership with Huntress, detects threats which slip past antivirus. With managed breach detection, our customers remain productive while we remain profitable. 

MadWolf Technologies Providing exceptional state-of-the-art technology MSP SERVICES
  1. Full MSP support for servers, workstations and peripheral systems including monitoring, management, optimization, patch management, AV, and reactive help desk support. 
  2. We provide full management of backups on premises and to the Cloud. 
  3. A key benefit we offer drafting firms is a familiarly with specialized CAD/CAM systems. 
  4. We frequently work hand-in-hand with third-party support to resolve problems with all production software. 
  5. We have also installed secure auxiliary systems, such as wireless systems for internal staff and guest networks. 
  6. We have certified technicians for low-voltage infrastructure upgrades as well as installers for mounted systems which help to alleviate clutter and modernize facilities. 
  7. In addition we make recommendations on equipment upgrades and monitor equipment warranties for expiration.  
  8. We provide remote and on-site reactive help desk support. 
  9. We provide periodic equipment cleaning and plotter maintenance. 
  10. We have been in business over 23 years.
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