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MadWolf Thunderbolts
MadWolf offers our services in packages we call Thunderbolts.  MadWolf has put together packages of our most popular service offerings into combinations of services built to suit your organization's specific needs. 
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Thunderbolt- Direct

Proactive Security and Support

Is your IT staff non-existant or just over-taxed? Have you tried unsuccessfully to outsource your IT?   MadWolf's ThunderBolt Basic Service Plan is the perfect way to take an easy approach to starting a long term partnership...
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Thunderbolt- Enhanced

Fully Managed Security & Service

Built upon the ThunderBolt Direct foundation, the Enhanced Fully Managed Security and IT Service offering includes Reactive Help Desk support in one fixed monthly cost.  Accompanying this service is a dedicated team of IT Service professionals...
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Thunderbolt- CCn365

Full Service w/ Collaboration

Our richest service offering goes beyond keeping your IT secure and functioning flawlessly; it helps promote the best features of the modern office experience by recognizing that today’s workers are distributed around the world, collaborative...