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Simple Keyboard shortcuts to prevent you from having a stroke (in Microsoft Word)

If you're reading this, you might not like me. When I say not like me, I mean not a IT profession who lives for the advancement of technology. You're probably like my friends or my mom. You probably have had moments in your life where you were writing an important document in word, and you forgot to plug your computer in, or somehow your computer decided it wanted to take a nap and in that instant you lost all of the precious work you've done. Luckily, newer versions of Word usually have auto recovery, but sometimes (most times) it doesn't save in real time. But fear not! I know a clever keyboard shortcut I would love to share with you! Now this does require some dexterity and you may experience a cramp or two, but practice makes perfect, and once you do it enough, you'll be saving your documents like a pro! Simply press the “Ctrl” key (doesn't matter what side, pick your poison) and the “S” key and voilà! You now have a newly saved Word document and you can now take a deep breath!

But wait there’s more!


Here are some other keyboard commands in Word that might come in handy in the future: 

Close: Ctrl+W

Cut: Ctrl+X

Copy: Ctrl+C

Paste: Ctrl+V

Select all: Ctrl+A

Bold: Ctrl+B

Italic: Ctrl+I

Underline: Ctrl+U

Undo: Ctrl+Z

Re-do: Ctrl+Y

Happy Typing and have a stroke or two! (on your keyboard that is)