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Convert a Word or Pdf Quiz to a Microsoft Forms Quiz

Convert a Word or Pdf Quiz to a Microsoft Forms Quiz

Many are leveraging their existing content when creating surveys/quizzes on Microsoft Forms. Recreating everything in Forms can be very time consuming. Microsoft has heard the feedback and is introducing a new experience that will assist in converting existing content into Forms with just 1-click.

Microsoft has introduced Word and PDF quiz conversion.  Users can go to to try it right now.  On the start page, click the “import” button at the top.  Then select Word or Pdf quiz from your local device.

After the conversion is complete a new Quiz will be generated, and you can find it under “Recent” or the “My Forms” tab. You can either import another one or start reviewing the converted forms right away.

When reviewing the converted quiz, you can start with the identified items on the right pane.

Clicking on the item will bring you to that specific question and you can further make necessary edits. After reviewing, click on the "Resolved" button to remove the item from the check list.

When will this become available?
The new experience is rolling out to Education customers now and will be available to everyone in Education in July.
Who can use it?
You need to have an Education license to see this feature. Microsoft will enable Commercial soon.

What can be imported?
Right now, only support quiz text importing. Figures and tables as well as complex equations and symbols are not supported at this time. You can also check the “Import guidance” link in the Import dialog to get more tips for better results.

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