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Joel Rollins

Office 365 Updates for the Week of July 8th

Administrators will appreciate this update.  The message center is receiving some much-needed love and attention.  The opt-in view will get a much-improved user interface.  The new interface will have the same functionality as the old, but the options will be easier to access.  The highlights are:

  • The Major Update carousel will be replaced with a new tabbed view (Active Messages, High Importance, Unread, and Dismissed).  Yay!
  • When translating messages, they will automatically be translated to the language the user has selected in the Admin Center. No more two-step process
  • Easy access to the preference filter

Targeted release customers (such as MadWolf) can expect to see this change in early July, with a world-wide release to be complete by September.

A nice SharePoint and OneDrive usability update is being rolled out this month: Activity Highlights in the File Hover Card.  What exactly is this feature?  When a user hovers their mouse curser over a document a pop-up card is displayed showing relevant information about the document.  Now Microsoft is adding document activity highlights.  For example, if someone you are working with edits the comments and or @mentions you, the hover card will show that information and provide a link so that you can go directly to that activity.

Targeted release customers can expect to see this feature in early July with this feature scheduled to be rolled out to standard clients beginning at the end of August.