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Thank You For Attending Our 3rd Lunch & Learn Event On April 14th 2016 :: ROADMAP TO THE CLOUD - Security/Authentication in the Cloud

Thanks to all who attended our 3rd Lunch & Learn event, at our 3rd  event On April 14th 2016 we talked about:

1. How to prepare yourself for the road ahead.  The trends impacting business today—cloud adoption, increased mobility, rise of social media and the increased amount of online data sharing—make the need for strong authentication more important than ever. 
2. How to control access to Web applications and mobile devices: Enable user engagement from laptops, tablets and smartphones and allow users to access necessary data anytime from anywhere. 
3. How to keep pace with sophisticated data threats: Enable controlled user engagement from laptops, tablets & smartphones to data anytime from anywhere. 
4. How to Comply with industry regulations Centrally manage and control your full range of use cases, access scenarios and numerous privileges.

Security/Authentication in the Cloud 

- Azure AD 
- Two-Factor authentication in O365 
- Protecting Hybrid environments 
- Enforcing Compliance

To learn more, please click to the following presentation links from our past Lunch & Learn event on April 14th 2016.

Lunch & Learn April 14th 2016 Presentation

Barracuda Presentation
Cryptzone Presentation