Microsoft Teams now supports Instant Polls
Microsoft Teams now supports Instant Polls
Joel Rollins

Microsoft Teams now supports Instant Polls

You can now get instant feedback from meeting attendees in Teams.

Microsoft Teams now supports Instant Polls within meetings. The feature allows meeting organizers to ask for immediate feedback on a spontaneous question. For example, a presenter could ask if everyone understands a specific idea and then ask attendees to press thumbs up or thumbs down.

Microsoft discussed the ability to create Instant Polls when it rounded up everything new for Teams from November 2022, but the feature may have been missed by some. To help highlight it, Microsoft shared a blog post on the tool as well.

The three pre-defined poll types are:
  • Yes/No
  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down
  • Like/Dislike
These types of polls are good for gauging if people have understood something that was explained or choosing an action as a group. More complex polls were already supported in the Polls section of Teams.
Microsoft outlines the steps to launch a poll:
  1. During a meeting for which you are the organizer, click the Polls button.
  2. Voice verbally the question you would like your audience to answer.
  3. In the Polls pane, in the Launch instant poll section, select the option set you want to use.
Instant Polls are available for Microsoft Business and Enterprise subscribers.

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