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The COVID-19 pandemic, and the business challenges caused by it, have accelerated a shift from terrestrial to the cloud for many companies.  Users need to easily work, collaborate, and communicate from multiple devices and locations without ever needing to meet in-person or come to the office.

For new customers, from now until the end of 2020, MadWolf Technologies will migrate your IT Operation to the cloud, manage your environment, buy back your on-premises servers, wipe out your data and remove the hardware.
a. Move your IT Operations to the cloud
b. Recover part of your hardware investment
c. Once successfully migrated to the cloud, redundant systems will be removed from your office and the data wiped to a DoD standard
d. Green recycling on all systems with chain of custody and e-recycling certificate issued
e. On-going MSP O365 services for cloud, network and endpoint systems

Realize the following benefits of MadWolf Cloud Services: 
• Cost Savings 
• Security 
• Connectivity & Accessibility
• Reduced Risk of Data Loss with versioning
• Faster Deployment 
• Increased Collaboration
• Improved Efficiency
• Best Practice Standardization

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