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Google Cloud launches new AI-enabled imaging technologies

Google Cloud recently announced Medical Imaging Suite, a new technology it says can help with accessibility and interoperability of radiology and other imaging data. Read the article to learn how the Suite will enable a more comprehensive way to store and access advanced medical imaging.
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Manufacturers Digitize, Ditch the Paper to Meet Today's Challenges

A recent Deloitte report notes that manufacturers face a confluence of issues including increased consumer demand, rising costs of materials and shipping, and trucking driver shortages, all of which end up increasing costs, which are then passed on to consumers.
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Run and Transform to Succeed in the Digital Economy

This short video provides an overview of the Micro Focus Run and Transform approach. Watch the video to see how it helps organizations balance business resilience with pressures to continually transform to take advantage of tomorrow's new business models and revenue streams.
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Is cloud computing immune from economic downturns?

While the fears that accompany economic downturns have typically led to across-the-board budget cuts, with IT often receiving the deepest cuts, many businesses now consider IT spending to be directly correlated to overall business value. Read the article to gain insight on why many experts believe cloud spend may now be immune from economic slowdowns.
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AI is Ready for Business, but are Businesses Ready for AI

While AI is now clearly seen as a compelling solution that can vastly expand business intelligence, the business world doesn't appear ready for AI and the infrastructure it requires. Read the blog to learn about the gap and ideas for bridging it.
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Solving brain dynamics gives rise to flexible machine-learning models

MIT researchers have unlocked faster, scalable artificial intelligence algorithms that can better adapt to changing conditions and handle real-world safety-critical tasks like driving and flying more precisely. Read the article for a deeper dive.