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Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work, Work

From when to go to the office to why work in the first place, employees have a new "worth it" equation. Findings from a recent Microsoft Work Trend Index Annual report suggest there's no going back. Read this blog post summarizing the report to explore top take-aways for business leaders tasked with the challenge of making hybrid work, work.
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Future of Supply Chain: Roadmap to Reinvention

Gartner has identified four supply chain reinventions based on supply chain leader priorities. Yet even where reinventions and priorities align, a lack of progress remains in several areas including closing the gap between time spent making a decision and executing it. With only 7% reporting having real-time decision execution, what is the prognosis for supply chain future? In this blog post, Gartner lays out a 5-year reinvention roadmap to supply chain of the future. Read the blog for insight.
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End user passwordless utopia

With all the different technologies available in Azure and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), it's easy to miss the bigger picture and how they all play into the end-user experience. Some promote convenience; others, security. All lessen the authentication burden on users and increase security posture. Read this technical blog for a walkthrough.
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Microsoft named a Leader in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, earned Microsoft a Leader rank for the 6th year in a row in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Access Management. The recognition is testament to Microsoft's focus on delivering innovative solutions that enable customers to do more with less.
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Azure AD Certificate-Based Authentication Now Available on Mobile

With Azure AD Certificate-based authentication (CBA) on mobile devices, you can now rely on digital certificates to validate users and devices before granting access to a network or application. This makes it harder for threat actors to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. Read this blog for an overview of capabilities, benefits and how to set up Azure AD CBA on mobile devices.
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Measuring the value of moving to the cloud — and innovative ways to get there

With the financial services industry facing challenges in data management reliability, governance and security, there is no time to waste on moving to the cloud. Organizations that act decisively in cloud adoption will quickly discover new paths to innovation. In this Microsoft Industry Blog post, Microsoft CTO Laurent Verdier outlines the transformative benefits of moving to the cloud and provides tips for determining and taking the best path. Read the blog for ideas on how cloud adoption can set you up for long-term success.