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Microsoft Office Mobile Is Getting a New Video Creation Feature

Microsoft’s Office Mobile app for iOS and Android is getting a new Video Creation feature later this month, which will allow enterprise users to record up to 90 seconds videos right from their phones. The new video capability will join the existing Quick Captures options in the app, which currently include taking notes, scanning documents, and recording voice notes.
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Pin Your Own Video in Teams Meetings

During a Microsoft Teams meeting, users can currently pin the video feed of other participants to increase the size of the desired video on their own screen. This makes it always visible even when others are speaking. Now, the company is planning to roll out a new feature that will help you to pin your own video on the stage in increased size.
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Mirror My Video

Microsoft Teams is getting a new update that will enable users to flip their video feeds in a call or meeting. This new “Mirror my video” feature should make it easier for presenters to read the text written on a physical whiteboard or a paper during virtual presentations.
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FREE Virtual Session on ASK ME ANYTHING - December 2nd, 2021

Cloud Adoptability - Sponsored by QuickHelp

Join the MadWolf Technologies Process Automation / Consulting team as we discuss the latest features for Cloud Adoptability - Sponsored by QuickHelp.  
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PMO Office Moving to Become Scrum Certified!

Richard Tesmer is now Certified!

Our in house Director of the Project Management Office is now Scrum Certified!  Today we have started on the path of fully converting the Project Management Office at MadWolf into a working Scrum Team(s) by getting a certification in Scrum Fundamentals Certified for Richard Tesmer!