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Challenges for Startups in Adopting AI and Data Analytics

In this contributed article, Bal Heroor, CEO and Principal at Mactores, believes that by 2027, it is nearly unavoidable that every business, both big and small, will need to get serious about adopting a high-value data analytics system. While this can be a costly investment, there's no reason that even a startup can't be a part of the data transformation that is affecting almost every industry sector today.
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The Future Of Cloud Computing: Trends To Watch Out For

A key element of updated IT infrastructures, cloud computing has recently become an amazing technology. It offers an easy way to run apps online and retrieve data. A new era of digital development has begun as a result of the demand for more effective, affordable, and secure data storage, use, and communications. Following these developments
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Isn't it time you made the move to modern endpoint management?

Microsoft Surface reduces endpoint-management complexities while helping to ensure that hybrid and remote workforces always have seamless, easy access to the information they need. What are the results? This infographic provides an at-a-glance of benefits and quantifiable results including hours saved and reductions in help-desk support call times, security breaches and remediation costs. Have a look.
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Unlocking the Power of AI with a Real-Time Data Strategy

To succeed with real-time AI, data ecosystems need to excel at handling fast-moving streams of events, operational data, and machine learning models to leverage insights and automate decision-making.

This article, by George Trujillo, Principal Data Strategist, DataStaxfocus, focuses on why these three elements and capabilities are fundamental building blocks of a data ecosystem that can support real-time AI.