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Callcredit Adds Micro Focus Fortify SCA into Development Lifecycle

When UK-based credit reference agency Callcredit needed a solution to ensure the security of applications developed in-house and by third parties, it added Micro Focus SCA into its development lifecycle. Read the case study to learn how Micro Focus Fortify SCA enables the company to reduce development costs, ensure time-to-market and improve PCI compliance posture.
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GPU-Based Analytics Platform Interprets Large Datasets

By using the computational power of GPUs, SQream's analytics platform can ingest, transform and query very large datasets on an hourly, daily or yearly basis. This platform enables SQream's customers to get complex insights out of their very large datasets.
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The Impact of AI-enabled Data Analytics Services Across Major Industries

With every passing year, data analytics services are gaining more prominence as most enterprises are realizing the potential of data in driving important business decisions. The growing availability of data, developments in technology, and mounting demand for data-driven insights will contribute to this trend.  
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4 ways to deliver a personalized banking experience

Today's bank customers want personalized banking with the ubiquitous access that comes from a seamless, omnichannel experience. What should a personalized customer experience look like at your bank? This Microsoft Industry Blog gives you a look. Read it for an at-a-glance of the 4 pillars of a seamless banking customer experience and how Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services helps deliver it.