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Red Hat Portfolio in 2 Minutes

Why Red Hat? This 2-minute video shows the power of the Red Hat portfolio, starting with a secure foundation in Linux and allowing customers to build what they need, where they want. Whether it is on-premise or on-cloud, you can automate, build and manage applications, and take advantage of open source technology, all while being supported by Red Hat up and down the stack.
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How 8 Industries Speed Success: VMware Future Ready Workforce Solutions

Organizations are turning to VMware's Future Ready™ Workforce solutions to boost productivity while offering employees the flexibility of work from anywhere. This eBook offers case studies across 8 industries to illustrate the potential for more efficient, effective workplaces that offer optimal user experiences.
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Microsoft Secures Azure Enclaves with Hardware Guards

Microsoft is putting hardware in charge of data protection in Azure to help customers feel confident about sharing data with authorized parties within the cloud environment. This blog provides an overview of a series of hardware security announcements to highlight Azure's confidential computing offerings. Read the blog to learn how advances in Azure confidential computing deliver the ultimate in data protection.
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State of the Union for Multi-Cloud in Government

Government agencies use multiple private and public clouds. These cloud environments must comply with security regulations and provide mobile access to government services. Learn how government agencies are doing in their cloud journey. Read this research by Forrester Consulting. The report evaluates the cloud decisions and progress made by 501 government agency leaders in the U.S. and Canada. You can download the report here.
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Hybrid Work is Just Work. Are We Doing it Wrong?

On the topic of hybrid work, employees and employers are divided. Employees are embracing hybrid work and its benefits. Many employers on the other hand, are yearning for a return to pre-Covid office life while dealing with challenges such as shrinking budgets and tight talent markets. 

To help leaders balance employee interests and organizational success, Microsoft surveyed 20,000 people worldwide and analyzed trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals, LinkedIn labor trends and Glint People Science findings. The data points to three pivots leaders must make to empower people for new ways of working. Read this blog to explore three pivots to help employees thrive and organizations succeed.
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Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work, Work

From when to go to the office to why work in the first place, employees have a new "worth it" equation. Findings from a recent Microsoft Work Trend Index Annual report suggest there's no going back. Read this blog post summarizing the report to explore top take-aways for business leaders tasked with the challenge of making hybrid work, work.
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Designing the New Hybrid Meeting Experience — For Everyone

The future everyone anticipated during the pandemic is here: A hybrid era with flexible work locations where everyone needs to be on equal ground no matter where they are. With people spending 148 percent more time each week in Microsoft Teams meetings than before the pandemic and 66 percent of decision makers considering redesigning physical spaces to accommodate hybrid work, making meetings more inclusive is a must. This blog tells the story about how teams from across Microsoft work together to help remote and in-person workers see eye-to-eye. Read the blog to learn from Microsoft's experience.